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GoJet Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: February 2008
Summary of Qualifications: 500 Total 125 Multi. Commerical/Instrument...ATP Written
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Flew down to St. Louis and stayed at the Pear Tree hotel (not too shabby for $39). Had a complimentary breakfast and caught the shuttle over around 8:00AM. Met up with 2 other guys who were interviewing and went to the second floor for a company overview which was presented by two captains. As far as all the rumors...well, lets say that those were put to rest REALLY fast. I have been waiting to interview with GoJet since December and I am pleased that I had the chance to do so.

The captains were great, laid back, and kept it "real"...for real:). The interview was as kicked back as it gets. They want to know about YOU! Can they "hang" with you for an extended amount of time, etc. Whipped out an ILS and had me brief it...NOTE: Just brief the freakin' thing as if you were explaining it to someone who never flew. Next, pulled out an arrival and said explain the arrival from this point. NOTE: Just look at it before you answer and...uhhhh....ummmmm read whats on the arrival. No ticks, no BS, as straight forward as it gets.

I truly enjoyed the interview and the people I met. I hope I get a call to start a class. They have only been around for a short time....and trust me....in 2-4 years, GoJet is gonna be on top of the game.

I hope this helped and put any childish he say she say issues to rest. God Bless!
Date Interviewed: November 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 460tt/60me No 121 experience
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
At first I was a little doubtful, having read some of the negative comments about Go Jet. Let me put your mind at ease, for those who are considering Go Jet. This is an excellent airline to work for. Nicest people Ive ever interviewed with. They went out of their way to make us all feel welcomed. On the day of my interview, there were 7 of us. Out of those 7, 2 made it. Contrary to some info given on this web site, not everyone makes it. Some of the info, on the other hand, is dead on. Know your jepp charts, systems on your most recent aircraft, and above all....BE YOURSELF. Canned answers will get you no where. If you have recieved an invite to interview, good luck. But do not take it lightly. Study and be prepared. They will not accept just anyone. I look forward to flying for Go Jet, and wish everyone who is wanting to fly for the regionals the best of luck.
Date Interviewed: October 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 650 TT - 450 FW - 200 RW - 250 ME - 200 Turbine
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
In my interview I was shocked to see that I had the lowest time of the nine of us that interviewed. As far as I know only two of us have recieved the job. The company is one of the best I have ever interviewed with. Be yourself. Know your Jepps and the A/C you currently fly, esp the systems.
I had heard both good and bad about Go Jet, more good then bad. I have now completed the training and am starting to fly thew line. I have only met very nice and helpful people and look forward to moving on within this company. Best of luck to you if you intend on interviewing.
Date Interviewed: September 2007
Summary of Qualifications: Comm Multi, Instrument, CFI
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

We started the interview at 0900 with six of us most I think were CFI's with a fair amount of time. It is as alot of other people say just a meet and greet interview and they are mostly seeing if you can be a team player or not with the company. Dont believe all that you read about them being some horrible company its quite the opposite. Only advise is to look over jepp approach plates and STARS, be able to transition to different subject materials quickly other than that be yourself they are a very friendly group of people and seem like a good company to fly for. I should know in about a week if I get the job. Good Luck

Date Interviewed: August 2007
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 2500 hours, 35 hours PIC turbine, 550 hours multi-engine
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Great people to meet. Nicest CP and HR reps I have ever met at a 121 operation. Makes you feel good about being there. Interviewed with four other guys, most of whom were fairly experienced pilots. One guy was a retired FedEx pilot with over 8,000 hours and type ratings in B-727 and Challenger and several other big birds. Asks a few systems questions on the aircraft you currently fly and some questions on the ILS RW 9L at ORD. They have 15 CRJ700s and expect to grow into the CRJ900s and beyond. They have 144 pilots. They are teamsters, not ALPA. The training is in STL and lasts about six weeks. The domicile is STL. The class data is October 2007.

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