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JetBlue Airways Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: October 2010
Summary of Qualifications: Military
5500 TT
4700 PIC
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I got the call for an interview 8 days prior to the interview date. Once they set me up for a time slot, they sent a package of 16 attachments for me to read and fill out. Most of these mirror the online application and profile. You will have to come up with three Letters of Reference from people you’ve flown with that can vouch for your flying skills. JetBlue will set you up with space positive seats on a JetBlue flight to get to and from the interview, or you can book and pay for your own transportation (no more $400 credit to other transpo). Another change from the past…this is a one-day process…no hotel anymore.
I highly recommend introducing yourself to the JetBlue Gate Agents, Inflight Crew (Flight Attendants), and pilots on the trip to and from JFK. I learned a ton talking with them, and they gave me a tour of the T5 terminal and the JetBlue crew lounge. I also got an opportunity to meet one of the JFK Chief Pilots in his office. Everyone without exception was super nice and very welcoming. I was absolutely amazed at the hospitality. Exiting T5, go upstairs to the departure level and go all the way to your right as you leave…there’s a sign for the JetBlue shuttle. The shuttle departs on the half hour and will take you to the Forest Hills location after a short stop at Kew Gardens (about a 25 minute ride and good opportunity to chat with others).
At the Forest Hills office, I was greeted, given nametags, fingerprinted, given a pee test, and then taken back to the waiting area where folks are hanging out. I handed over my log books and all the paperwork. A couple Chief Pilots were there answering questions and just hanging out to meet the interviewees. There was a mix of military and civilian (48 total interviewees that day), and was cool talking to everyone.
The interview itself was very non-threatening, and they offered for me to take off my jacket if that was more comfortable. The pilot and People Dept rep were very nice and conversational. You’ll sit across from them at a round table in a room with other interviews going on. They explained the process…no tricks, just Tell Me About a Time (TMAAT) questions. The request answers in the Situation, Action, Result format. The also said that if you just couldn’t think of an answer or it didn’t really apply to you, no sweat…you could pass on up to three questions, and they would just choose another. The questions I answered:

TMAAT you did something to enhance safety or security.
TMAAT someone was difficult to work with and what did you do?
TMAAT you used humor to diffuse a difficult situation
TMAAT you had to get clarification on a task
TMAAT you used one of JetBlue’s core values
What do you know about JetBlue, and what is it about JetBlue that makes you want to work here?
(I studied all of the questions that I could find on Will Fly for Food and other internet sites…it’ll really get you thinking and is actually a pretty good self-reflection exercise)

This part of the interview took about 45 minutes, and then they took me back to the waiting area. Shortly after that, another People Dept rep took me back for an exit interview. They went over some paperwork and asked about my availability. They confirmed contact info, explained what training timeline they expect, and went over my resume briefly. They also asked if they could contact my present employer. They said they would give an answer within one week (which they did…6 days). They explained that when they offer a training class, you will have one opportunity to delay it. If you turn it down a second time, you will have to resubmit an application and start over. After that short meeting, I was taken back to the lounge… you can hang out as long as you want or depart right then. I caught the shuttle back to the airport (leaves on the hour). I wrote a thank you email the next day. Overall, this experience surpassed all of my expectations. I was very impressed.

Best advice: be yourself, be as relaxed as possible, emphasize teamwork and customer service.
Date Interviewed: June 2010
Summary of Qualifications: 12,500TT, 7500 PIC B757, ATP, CFII, age 40+, 2 year college degree
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Pretty much as previously described. You are met at the office in Forrest Hills and you stow your luggage, grab a water and follow their directions. Fingerprinting and drug tests are administered and you are taken to a company briefing. Everyone I have ever met at JetBlue was wonderful and this was no exception. They want you to be relaxed, be yourself and succeed. Lots of TMAAT questions. Take your time and be thoughtful in your responses. The interview is yours to screw up. They are giving you a chance to speak and tell them about how you have handled situations in your life. Some of the candidates were given about 15 questions and I only got five. I gave thorough and complete answers including the situation, the action taken, the results and the follow up.
You will receive an exit interview from HR and are free to mill around the briefing room, chatting with other pilots or asking questions. Don't be shy.
Date Interviewed: March 2008
Summary of Qualifications: 5400TT, 501T-PIC, 1700PIC, 2000Jet, 2700TPrOP
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
The interview was spot on the gouge. I arrived in JFK and got to the interview about 2 hours early. I commuted in that morning. First I was taken in for the drug test then the fingerprinting. Shortly after that I was brought up to another room where Scott Green was giving info on the company and Anna went over all the information that you are required to bring. After about 40 min. two of the HR/Pilot interviewers come and take you out of the room to the interview portion. 5 questions tell me a time when you had an experience. Know the 5 values it goes over well! I went back to the holding area and about an hour after that I was brought into another room with Verna and another pilot. I was offered the job to start in 3 weeks. I applied Jan. 15 for the 3rd time. (They like to purge the system) I was called Feb. 25th for a march 7 interview and class starts April 2nd.
Date Interviewed: October 2007
Summary of Qualifications: Military
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

I would say this is one place that makes the interview experience pleasant. Jetblue wants to hire someone that would be enjoyable to work with, not someone that is going to ruin a 4 day trip. If you have no people skills then dont even waste your time going to the interview. Overall it was a great experience. Showed up in the morning and gave a urine sample and was finger printed. After that headed upstairs for a question/answer session with a few pilots while we waited to be called in for individual interviews. My 2 on 1 was with a pilot and people dept. individual. I was asked about 6 questions. Tell us about a crew member you didnt like? Tell us about a situation where you had to teach something to another pilot? 5 core values, what are they? Safety, caring, integrity, fun, passion. Tell us what you know about jetblue? How did you save the day? This lasted about 25 minutes and then it was over to the exit interview with another pilot. He asked me if I had any questions about the interview or the company. I think this is one more look at you to see if there is anything they may have missed. I did not do an interview prep, I just went in and relaxed and tried to be myself. I think they can see if you've done interview prep and Im not really sure its such a good idea. Rehearsed answers dont show who you are and probably is evident throughout the interview. Do your best and everything will be fine, they really want to see who you are and want to hire you. Good luck.

Date Interviewed: March 2007
Summary of Qualifications: Total 6500 T-Prop PIC 4000 part 121 Jet PIC 600 part 121 
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Applied sometime around Nov/Dec 2006. Went to the open house in Orlando, FL on Feb., 17th. I was called for an interview about 6 days later. Interview was on March 9 with about 90 other pilots. JetBlue asks that you be there 90 minutes early. You go into a banquet room and several key employees (chief pilots, Flt ops, fleet mgr, ect) rotate in and out ALL day answering questions while you wait for your turn.

You get two interviews, one 2 on 1 and a 1 on 1. My 2 on 1 was with an A320 captain and a flight attendant. We were in a big room with about 15 other pilot interviews going on at the same time. The 1 on 1 was with a People Dept. person...the "exit interview", and that was in an office.

Way less stressful than Southwest...and Southwest wasn't too bad. Lots of the same stuff. TMAT questions. No sim ride and no "LOI" thing that SWA has. My actual interview lasted less then an hour with the 2 on 1. The "exit interview" was about 20 minutes.

I was called 4 days later and offered the "conditional" employment pending the back groung check...also offered a class 2 weeks out from that day.

Only advice I have is bring a couple protein bars. Thankfully I did. There is no time to get lunch somewhere.

Good luck.
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