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GoJet Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: September 2017
Summary of Qualifications: 2575 Total time, 1615 ME, 1430 Turbine SIC, CL-65 Type rating. Have been out of the 121 world for just over 2 years
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Very fast process and very friendly! I applied on a Friday afternoon, was called on Monday and set up the interview for Wednesday. I was offered the job right away, and I could've started class as early as October, but I needed to give my current employer 3 months notice.
I interviewed with Alicja in Chicago, which was very nice not having to fly all the way to their corporate headquarters in St. Louis. Alicja was super nice, friendly, and laid back. When she contacted me on Monday to set up the interview, she gave me a rundown of everything to expect, and then sent an email with the documents and paperwork I needed to bring. On the day of the interview, we went through my logbooks, and she collected all of my paperwork. Then she spent some time talking about the company and answering questions I had about GoJet. There was no technical interview, just going through my resume and asking some questions, FAA history, "why GoJet?", "TMAAT when you helped a flight attendant or gate agent with a passenger issue", and "TMAAT when you had a disagreement with a coworker, and how did it end up?". She also asked something along the lines of "what could GoJet do to make working here better/more attractive". I've been out of the regional airlines for a little over 2 years, and it was really refreshing to be interviewing somewhere where you're obviously wanted, and they want to keep you happy and make it an enjoyable experience. Overall, I was SUPER impressed with the company; it seems very laid back and friendly, and I'm looking forward to working there!
Date Interviewed: June 2015
Summary of Qualifications: CFI, ATP, 7,300 Hours Total Time, Three Type Ratings, Part 135 Commuter and Cargo & Part 91 Corporate Flight Experience
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I was contacted via a phone call by a Pilot Recruiter not long after applying for a First Officer position with Go Jet after publishing my "AirlineApps.com" application which by the way, is the only way they are accepting applications and resumes. These folks were very relaxed and easy to get along with. I was literally asked, "When would YOU, like to come in for an interview so we can meet with you?" I selected a date about 10 days out. Unfortunately, I became ill with a virus as bad as Influenza. I called back to ask if I may schedule a later date due to my illness. I was told that would be no problem whatsover and again asked what day I would prefer to come in for an interview. I rescheduled for the same day in exactly one week. I traveld by car up to St. Louis for the interview the day before and spent the night in the Airport Plaza Inn which has a crew rate of only $42.00 per night, which with taxes came out to $49.00 total. I arrived at the Trans States / Go Jet Training Center 15 minutes prior to my scheduled interview time of 10:00 a.m. After sigining in, I was given a Visitor's Pass and told to just have a seat. After a few minutes of waiting I was met by two of the Go Jet HR / Pilot Recruiters who led me to a small conference room for the interview. After watching a very short company presentation, the HR lady reviewed all of my paperwork which by the way, you will receive via email as a PDF file which contains all of the usual forms that must be completed, one of which must be notarized. After that, all of your certificates and logbooks will be reviewed as will your current resume. The HR lady will ask all of the typical HR questions but one thing is asked and gone over several times. They ask you to be honest and reveal ALL failed Checkrides, Written Exams, Line Checks, Proficiency Checks, etc., and ANYTHING on your Motor Vehicle Report including all speeding tickets, etc. I was also asked to be honest if I had ever been fired from any of my previous flying jobs. Lastly, I was asked to divulge anything pertaining to criminal acts such as DUI's, arrests and even anything that I might've done as a Juvenille! I was warned sternly yet very nicely that if ANYTHING was found out about my past that I did not divulge at that moment, should I be hired, would result in me being escorted out of training once the records were returned to HR. I told them that I was completely honest and free of any such events. After the HR questions, I was met by the Chief Pilot who reviewed all of my logbooks, please remember to bring ALL of your logbooks by the way! After that, he and I talked about my resume, my previous flying jobs, and my general experiences in Aviation. He asked me "Why Go Jet?" "Why should we hire you?" "What can you bring to the table?" "What are your long term goals?" After answering those questions, I was asked to simply brief an ILS approach into LaGuardia. After a few more very simple questions regarding the approach, he literally asked me, "Can you start the next training class which is only four days away?" I responded that I would have to wait until the following class which, are currently being held every two weeks because they are actively hiring around 20 - 25 new First Officers a month. That was it! I was thanked by everyone then given a short tour of the Training Center then I was sent on my way! I was literally in the building for no more than an hour! Right now, Go Jet is offering a $10,000 bonus to First Officers their first year on the job. I accepted the offer and am scheduled to begin class in a couple of weeks. We'll see how it goes! Good luck everyone!
Date Interviewed: April 2015
Summary of Qualifications: ATP,CFI, A&P, 7,000 TT, multiple type ratings.
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I was contacted by phone for an initial interview, which was basically structured around verifying their mins on my application, and just getting to know me a little. I was then told that they were flexible with their interview times, and I could chose something that was convenient for me. I was then emailed a couple of PDF files, which included all the paperwork they needed to complete my application (authorization forms for releasing info such as driving and training records). Make sure you have a copy machine and printer available, since they will want 3 a bit of information.
I arrived at 10 am in the Trans States building, and was met my Shelby Stein, and one of the training Captains (Trevor). We went to a conference room where we could talk, and I was immediately met with smiles and a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Both interviewers were very friendly, professional, great people to spend the time with. We spent the first part of the interview telling our stories, then discussing the growth of the company (new planes coming, including CRJ 900s), domiciles, and the career progression. Also, how to become more involved in other aspects of the company, such as training, safety, etc..
After that, the only technical question, was how would I brief and approach.

My overall impression of the company is very positive. I liked the people who interviewed me, as well as the future outlook of the company. I was told two classes per month, for the unforeseeable future.

Good luck
Date Interviewed: December 2013
Summary of Qualifications: 1400 TT | 1250 PIC| 350 Multi
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
The day started at 8am and we checked in the front counter of the TSA (Trans States) building. This is the same building GoJet shares with TSA. Anyway, you check in, you get a badge and you will wait in a classroom. There were 8 of us that morning. 6 of us made it through and 2 were told that they can interview again in 6 months time.

The HR lady was very nice and went through our pile of paperwork. Make sure you have every form completed and and be honest about any driving citations in the past. GoJet and any other regional are very strict about being honest. It's okay to have a few speeding tickets but if you don't disclose them, you will be out of a job really quick and this was mentioned over and over again by HR. Background checks is crucial to any regional and GoJet is no exception. Make sure you disclose anything and everything on Airlineapps. You have time to add/edit anything during the day of your interview but I strong advise against that. Just make sure the application is complete without anything left behind before it gets to HR for processing.

After making sure all the paperwork was complete and ready, the recruiting manager came in. Briefed us a little about the company and where it's heading and any recent developments that are brewing. I got the impression that they want you there. There was a 10 minute Q&A session after the intro. After that, we were asked to wait outside in the lobby area (where we checked in) to be called in for a 2 on 1 interview back into the classroom.

I was fortunate enough to get the recruiting manager and a current FO in my interview. Both really standup guys. It was a blend of HR/Tech questions. Some HR questions were the standard: 1) Why GoJet? 2) Why should we hire you? 3) What makes an excellent CA? 4) Do you have what it takes to make it through training? 5) Tell me about yourself and how you got into aviation? Tech Questions: 1) Brief Approach Plate 2) What happens if GS goes out? 3) Brief Arrival 4) Performance issue question which is really easy if you think about.

The interview process itself was painless. No written, no sim. GoJet is hiring 10-15 a month up for the rest of the year.

Got an offer a few days later via email.
Date Interviewed: April 2012
Summary of Qualifications: 1500+ TT 500 MEL
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Provided some initial explanation of the company. Seem to be growing instead of just losing people which I thought was a good sign. Some people asked about benefits. Details were given verbally but very vague. No idea of what actual benefits are.

Personal interview was basic. Asked if I was a team player, about my CFI experience and to explain one system on an aircraft of my choice. I got the idea I was hired before I left but didn't hear until a few hours later.
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